In a pleasant surprise today, Coldplay and fast-rising artist The Chainsmokers teamed up to  release their first ever collaboration together called “Something Just Like This”.  The single was debuted at the BRIT Awards when the two groups of artists performed the single for the world. Very few people were expecting any new music from the two artists at this point, especially since The chainsmokers have been heavily promoting their newest music released just last month. However, the early reviews seem to indicate that this is a most welcome collaboration.

This single is a strict fusion of the foundational sounds and elements that both groups are built upon.  The Chainsmokers offer their very Pop-EDM style, with the instrumental chorus comprised of  full-bodied rhythmic synthesizers.   In comparison, Coldplay offers the lyrics and melody that few besides Chris Martin and the rest of the band can articulate.

The song begins innocently enough, and sounds (at least in the beginning) like most of the newer-style Coldplay songs.  The band has been branching out from its roots in alternative rock into the pop world for a while now, incorporating more and more electronic sounds into their songs. This particular song marks another full-blown effort to solidify themselves in the electronic-pop world that we currently live in. As with most EDM songs today, there is a buildup to the “drop” that covers the first minute of the song, at which point the Chainsmokers drop a chorus very reminiscent of their wildly successful hit “Roses”.  The chorus then gives way the second verse, followed once again by the same chorus as the first. The song is then stripped down, which is where we really hear the essence of Coldplay shine through the synthesizers.  We hear a mellow piano line with ambient synth sounds in the background that once again lead back into a buildup for the final choruses of the song. The final chorus, however,  is where the blending of the two artists truly happens, as Johnny Buckland of Coldplay plays one of his signature-sounding guitar solo over the chorus. This is honestly one of the best-produced EDM choruses I’ve heard in terms of mix and style. The song finally fades out and we are left thinking “Wow, that just simply worked”.

If you would have told just about any Coldplay fan 3-5 years ago that they would one day team up with the artists who began their career with the accidental hit “#SELFIE”, most of those Coldplay fans would have called you insane. However, both Coldplay and The Chainsmokers have matured into powerhouse pop/rock artists. The Chainsmokers have long-since shed the joke that was “#SELFIE” and been one of the fastest-rising pop-EDM artists on the planet. Coldplay has long reigned at the top of the charts around the world, and has long been experimenting into a more mainstream pop sound. This collaboration simply makes sense for the two artists at this point in their careers, and is a welcome addition to both of their song repertoires.


The BRIT Awards 2017 - Show
Coldplay and The Chainsmokers celebrate their collaboration on stage at the BRIT Awards. (Getty Images)