This may be a bit of a departure from some of the albums and artists that have been reviewed here so far, but here I go.

McFly is a band made up of four guys hailing from London England. Their second album, titled Wonderland, was released in August of 2005 by Island Records following the release of their first album Room on the Third Floor in 2004. After its predecessor went Double Platinum in the UK Wonderland went Platinum as well and produced three number one singles.

With their first album consisting mostly of upbeat, fun pop rock sounds, Wonderland continues with that theme and also mixes in several other elements. Their main instrumentation consists of acoustic and electric guitars to go along with a bass guitar and a drum set but they did get a little adventurous at times, mixing in an orchestra in several places, including an instrumental piece and another that seems like something out of a Broadway play and even using a Sitar in one song. The guys admitted in an interview with Digital Spy that it was definitely a departure from the style of their first album and that it was a “rebellious stage” for them


“I think there was a slight rush with it but we were going through our own rebellious stage at the time, We didn’t want to do an album like the first one and we wanted to be taken a bit more seriously as musicians.” Tom Fletcher


The admission that this album came at a time of growth for the band is not that surprising as most pop or rock bands don’t usually incorporate orchestras and sitars into their music but it doesn’t seem forced in this case. The flow of the album may seem a little strange at first, almost seeming to change genres right in the middle and then switch back a few songs later, but the songs are still enjoyable and interesting to listen to.

Overall this album is a little different especially from what you’ll find in the pop or rock genres. It opens and closes with upbeat numbers and mixes in a lot of different styles in between. One thing that is clear is that these guys have obvious talent, both vocally and on their respective instruments and that really helps them stand out. A line that is repeated often in one of their closing songs is “so much has changed” and once you listen to any of their other albums that line might stick out to you. Wonderland is an album that stands out to me because it is definitely unique compared to what came before it and what came after. This album is my personal favorite of theirs and I think it is solid from top to bottom and definitely worthy of a few listens.


Tom Fletcher- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Piano/Keyboard

Danny Jones- Lead Vocals, Guitar

Dougie Poynter- Bass Guitar, Vocals

Harry Judd- Drums/Percussion

Producers: Hugh Padgham, Graham Gouldman, Steve Power

Songs Writers: Tom Fletcher, Danny Jones, Dougie Poynter, Graham Gouldman, Vicki Jones and James Bourne

Track Listing

  1. I’ll Be OK- 3:24
  2. I’ve Got You- 3:18
  3. Ultraviolet- 3:56
  4. The Ballad of Paul K- 3:17
  5. I Wanna Hold You- 2:59
  6. Too Close for Comfort- 4:37
  7. All About You- 3:06
  8. She Falls Asleep- Part 1- 1:43
  9. She Falls Asleep- Part 2 4:11
  10. Don’t Know Why- 4:20
  11. Nothing- 3:50
  12. Memory Lane- 4:40