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About Us

This blog was started because of a simple admiration for music. The writers all share an interest in music, yet each author also offers his or her own style and focus.  Some have extensive musical backgrounds including higher education degrees, while others simply enjoy listening to and writing about music. Whatever the motives, each of us simply want to share our passion for something so transcendent and present in everyday life as music.

There are many different areas which we plan on exploring through research and writing, including:

  1. Music Technology
  2. Album/Artist/Song Reviews
  3. Opinion
  4. New Artists/Discovery
  5. History


If you have a suggestion for a topic or article that you would like seen written or discussed, feel free to post with a comment or contact us via the “Contact” page at the top of the blog.  One of our writers would be more than willing to tackle most any topic.

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